What is Outpatient Treatment?

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Outpatient addiction treatment can be very beneficial for patients with substance use disorders or those who may or may not have become physically dependent on their substance of choice but are still serious about getting sober. Outpatient treatment programs come in a variety of formats and vary in terms of intensity but all generally focus on counseling, education and building a safe, supportive network of others in recovery.

Outpatient programs offer drug and alcohol treatment as well as mental health treatment which can be scheduled with a greater degree of flexibility when compared to inpatient treatment. This schedule allows patients to continue with their day-to-day responsibilities and continue living at home while being required to check into their outpatient care provider at scheduled times throughout the week for medication (where applicable), counseling and therapy sessions.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment: What is the Difference?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs typically fall into two categories: inpatient or outpatient treatment. What is the difference in inpatient vs. outpatient treatment? While each type of program has its benefits – the specific type of treatment needed (in many cases, both) need to be considered based on a patient’s individual needs at that time.

***General outpatient is commonly known as outpatient in Massachusetts.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)*

Our partial hospitalization level of care is designed to initially transition patients from inpatient to outpatient levels of care. Our patients meet daily for 6 hours a day for interactive support and self awareness relating to triggers, ongoing challenges, recovery skills & tools and work through issues to continue building a foundation for meaningful, fulfilling, long-term recovery. We provide individual & group therapy sessions, state-of-the-art techniques and alternative therapies led by an experienced clinicians designed to continue restoring confidence and applying newly learned principles to life in recovery.

*PHP is referred to as Day Treatment in Massachusetts and is referred to as Partial Care Program (PCP) in New Jersey.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)**

Our intensive outpatient level of care is designed to reinforce the recovery concepts already learned and typically consists of (3) 3-hour group sessions per week.

**IOP is referred to as Day Treatment in Massachusetts.

General Outpatient (GOP)***

Our general outpatient level of care includes weekly group & individual therapy sessions at a frequency determined by our patients’ Primary Therapist based on determined need. General outpatient continues for an unspecified period of time until it is determined by our Primary Therapist, our patient and their families that the GOP level of support is no longer necessary and the patient is ready to begin the next phase of recovery in their life post-treatment.

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