What If I Need An Alcohol Rehab Program, But I Have Also Done Drugs Too

Recognizing that you need assistance with an addiction to alcohol brings many emotions to the surface. As you’re considering treatment center, you may have another thought in your mind. If you’ve used drugs, you may then wonder what to do about your treatment center for alcohol. Understand that you don’t have to go through this decision-making process alone and that you can receive support for both of your struggles.

Recognize the Connections

You may think of your alcohol addiction as entirely separate from your drug usage, especially if you haven’t engaged in heavy drug usage. However, realizing that these two situations are likely tied together is imperative. For example, your abuse of alcohol might have convinced you that using drugs wouldn’t negatively affect your health that much. You may have been introduced to drugs in a situation where you were heavily intoxicated.

The people who surround you may encourage the usage of both drugs and alcohol, and seeing this behavior in social contacts can cause you to feel that the situation is less serious. Enrolling in a rehab program can help you to understand that seeking positive social bonds is necessary. You may eventually even feel inspired to help a loved one seek treatment center for addiction.

Also, recognize what addiction is. Addiction is a condition. When you are addicted to alcohol, you may be a person who can easily grow addicted to other substances. For example, you may have used a drug only a few times; however, with certain drugs, a few times is enough to cause tremendous problems. Recognize that your addiction to alcohol may have a connection to a potential or dormant addiction to drugs. Therefore, expressing the fact that you have used drugs, regardless of what capacity you’ve used them in, is important when you start to discuss your plans with a specialist at the center.

Rehab Centers Can Help

You may also think that you can’t share your drug usage because then you’ll be denied health. Keep in mind that the staff at an alcohol rehab program recognizes that some of its clients have used both drugs and alcohol. Chances are that you aren’t the first person in your position to speak with a representative. The staff members already know a chance exists that you have dabbled with drugs or that you are addicted to drugs. The realization that the facility already has plans in action to assist you is powerful.

Speaking with a representative and articulating all of your struggles is important so that the appropriate plan can be crafted for your recovery.

Once you articulate your desires for freedom from alcohol and drugs to a representative, you will likely find different options presented to you. For example, you may very well discover that you can receive treatment center for your struggles with both drugs and alcohol at the same time. Instead of focusing on only one issue, you can experience a program that makes bettering your overall health its mission and focus. During these conversations, you may learn more about how your alcohol abuse and drug usage are connected to one another and the reasons why accepting treatment center for both is imperative.

You may also be afraid that the staff will reject your request for assistance if you admit to using drugs. Keep in mind that the rehab center is there to support individuals. The goal is to help people learn to defeat their addictions and to have happy lives. Overcoming the fear of honest expression is challenging, but it’s important to do so that you can receive the right support. If you hide your drug usage or addiction, you may enter into a program that isn’t the best fit for you. Honest communication is an imperative part of recovery, and you can start to work on this component now.


Possible Treatment Plans

The only way to know your exact treatment center plan is to speak with a representative from the rehab program. However, starting to understand some of the possible plans can let you know what to expect. For example, inpatient programs are often encouraged. When you enroll in an inpatient program, you will live at the treatment center facility. While moving away from your home for a period of time might seem frightening, think about how advantageous it will be to focus solely on yourself. Outpatient treatment center is also an option. In many cases, outpatient treatment center follows a stay at in a residential program.

During your time in the treatment center program, you will likely participate in therapy sessions. Individual sessions can help you to determine the core of your addiction and the reasons why you are tempted into using drugs and alcohol. You also will likely engage in group sessions. Sharing your story with other people might seem scary, but understand how important of a role it plays in treatment center. When you hear other people talk, you get to realize that you aren’t alone, and you can do the same for the individuals in the group. You also come together to form a community. Here is where you can start to recognize the power and necessity of positive social bonds.

A America alcohol treatment center program also involves a number of components to help you discover healthy activities. In other words, you can work to discover hobbies and interests that divert your attention away from drugs and alcohol. When you’re in the treatment center program, you may uncover a long lost love for making ceramics, or you may learn that you’re talented in the musical arts. You can bring these passions back home with you, and they can change your life. Having a healthy activity to turn instead of drug usage is empowering.

When you’re seeking assistance for an addiction to alcohol, you may also wonder what you should do about the fact that you’ve used drugs. The answer is to be honest. By sharing your experiences, you can receive treatment center for both. You can get started on battling these struggles now by calling 877-813-9235 today.