“I have been clean and sober for 42 years and have worked in treatment since 2005. In this time I have worked in some very nice facilities and with some great people, however, Balance Recovery has the most Sincere, caring, and sensitive staff I have ever worked with. I feel blessed to go to work there every day and to be in such a positive atmosphere with everyone working together in the best interest of the client and families!”


“Love. Love. Love. Nashua is in need of strong recovery!”


“A place of recovery. Great staff and clinical team. Clean safe IOP to learn how to live life sober.”


“I have seen great success in those who have gone here.”


“Balance recovery is in my opinion the best iop I have attended yet. They support recovery in all forms from 12 steps to individual therapy sessions. They are the epitome of open mindedness which is something I’ve been working on. They have been here for me during a challenging transition from residential treatment to sober living. I’m deeply grateful for them and all they do for myself and others in recovery. I love it here thanks guys.”


“Literally the best place I have ever been to and I’ve been to a few. The staff, the housing, and just the genuine personality of everyone is amazing so glad I’m here.”


“Great place. I encourage anyone going there. Their family metings are very helpful.”


“Balance Recovery Center helped my nephew turn his life around. My family is so thankful for the help of the center, and the strength of our family member. We are so proud of you Joey. Your life is important to us. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.”


“Terrific care and amazing staff.”


“Great program, great recovery, and great staff. Highly recommended.”