Balance Recovery Center's Outpatient Services


Early sobriety is tough to navigate. Through our Outpatient program we offer education, guidance, and support revolving around addiction recovery and coping skills that will benefit long term sobriety. Our groups will educate on tools needed and coping skills to deal with early sobriety obstacles. Individuals in group will work on understanding and changing behaviors that will lead to a positive recovery program and help avoid relapse. In our Outpatient program we want to work together to help support the client in building a solid foundation in recovery that will promote long term abstinence.

Balance Recovery center offers flexible outpatient substance abuse services to help transition into living a responsible, productive life. Our group and individuals sessions offer evidence based, education and support for those navigating early recovery. We understand that life does not always stand still and are here to assist in a way that fits you and your life. Our programs offered are:

-Intensive Outpatient: Our intensive outpatient program is designed to give our clients the maximum level of care in a comfortable, intimate, outpatient setting. Consisting of 3-5 group sessions per week, our clients are able to experience the accountability and support of inpatient programming while coming from home.

-Traditional Outpatient: Our traditional outpatient program is designed to work together with you and your busy life. Consisting of 2 group sessions per week as well as an individual counseling session, our Outpatient program is perfect for those whose days are filled with work, family, and everything that comes along with being a person in recovery!

-Individual Substance Abuse Counseling: We are pleased to be able to offer weekly individual substance abuse counseling services. Typically utilized after completion of either of our Outpatient programs, we continue to provide accountability and support as you take your next steps in recovery and in your life!

-Case Mangement Services: In every program offered by Balance Recovery Center, each client is assigned a case manager who will follow them through their entire journey at Balance Recovery Center and in their recovery. Whether it be vocational assistance, financial planning, legal navigation, or becoming connected with the recovery community, our case management team is dedicated to making the lives of our clients easier and more enjoyable.

-Assistance in recovery housing placement: We at Balance Recovery Center believe that structure, support, and community are at the heart of recovery. We are able to use our resources in the community to assist in navigating sober living placement for both men and women in the southern New Hampshire area.

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