Outpatient Rehab in New Hampshire

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Our outpatient treatment team consists of exceptionally qualified, mostly doctoral level clinicians who have worked together for over a decade. We collaborate with you to provide individualized treatment that fits your particular resources and situation as described below:

Individual Outpatient Therapy for addictions is simply one-on-one sessions. Many individuals prefer the privacy and focus of individual therapy. You can choose the most suitable therapist and schedule for your goals.

Individual Intensive Outpatient (IIOP)This approach is for those who prefer or need the intensity of rehab without the restrictions. The therapists of your choice work together as a treatment team.   In addition to the individual sessions, an optional variety of holistic therapies, couples and family support can be added if preferred.

Group Intensive Outpatient (Group IOP)  Working with you, we develop a customized, structured treatment plan through primarily group therapy. Individual therapy sessions, optional holistic therapies, couples therapy and family support can be included.

Outpatient rehab is highly effective for early-stage addicts because these programs tend to focus on techniques for overcoming addiction. The first signs of addiction can be subtle and easy to overlook, but for those who are fortunate enough to recognize these signs, outpatient rehab is an effective option. Typically, those who are suitable for outpatient drug rehab are cognizant of the fact that they have a drug problem and are motivated to learn how to correct it. 

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