Outpatient Rehab in New Hampshire

Our outpatient treatment team consists of exceptionally qualified, mostly doctoral level clinicians who have worked together for over a decade. We collaborate with you to provide individualized treatment that fits your particular resources and situation as described below: Individual Outpatient Therapy for addictions is simply one-on-one sessions. Many individuals prefer the privacy and focus of individual […]

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Clinical research and practice have established that IOP is an effective and viable way for individuals with a range of substance use disorders to begin their recovery. In the 1980s, it commonly was believed that only clients who were relatively high functioning, employed, and free of significant co-occurring psychiatric disorders could benefit from IOP and […]

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Do Outpatient Programs Have Higher Relapse Rates Than Inpatient?

Addiction is considered a chronic, relapsing condition. The rates of relapse for addiction are similar to other recurring diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. For example, the typical relapse rate for substance use disorders is 40-60%, while the relapse rates for high blood pressure and asthma are 50-70%.[19] Various studies have compared the […]

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