Alcoholism Without Alcohol

Alcoholism without the alcohol or sobriety without recovery? Very different concepts, but also one in the same. It’s kind of the same concept as staying clean by living dirty and staying dirty by living clean. Or even better, the difference between being a good person who sometimes acts wicked versus an evil person that occasionally does something noble. They are night and day concepts just as Jekyll and Hyde, but still share similarities at the end of the day. This is the same as the disease of alcoholism. What version you’re getting depends whether it’s active or not.

You see, recovery from drugs and alcohol has a lot more attention to detail than most would realize from the outside looking in. It’s not just a matter of getting clean/sober. No, no, no. There’s work to be put in. That same “work” is the difference between active and inactive alcoholism, or in layman’s terms- sobriety and recovery. It is in recovery that we learn alcohol to be but a symptom of alcoholism. The problem lies within how the mind thinks. Trust the majority, alcoholism functions just fine without the fuel.  


Too Much to Think     

To start off, sobriety without recovery is commendable in one sense because it’s actually more difficult, but it’s also doing any proper alcoholic a disservice at the end of the day. It doesn’t fix their anger, their relationship issues, their job performance or whatever other problems have accumulated from the disease of mind. These things don’t simply disappear because we took a step in the right direction. Picture sobriety as the tourniquet that stopped the bleeding. The surgical healings of recovery are required to sew up the remaining issues.   

Recovery helps us to recognize our own voice from addiction’s. It teaches us that this disease of mind has hindered our potential all this time, and that it’ll help us to discover untapped knowledge of ourselves while showing us a positive pathway to where we long to be; joy filled contributing members of society, giving instead of always taking. Picking mere sobriety over recovery is alcoholism without the alcohol at work.     


Sober Alcoholism

One critical difference when it comes to alcoholism without the alcohol, or sobriety without the recovery, is there are loads of sober people out there that don’t practice what we like to call working an honest program. This fundamental statement can be a little more complex than it sounds. That’s just a minor example too. To be working an honest program means to be honest in all areas of your life. This means not just excluding the little daily white lies we tell people for no reason, but also being a person of integrity. People often lie without realizing it- it’s common. Again, that’s alcoholism without the alcohol at work. With the help of recovery though, you to stay mindful of these things. It teaches you that integrity is doing the same things behind closed doors as you would in front of people.

When we think alcoholically, we have tinted windows over our thinking. We see things in a self absorbed perspective, only moving and breathing to take care of number one. Recovery spawns a form of maturation that opens the eyes. Aside from the practicing of integrity, it shows us there is more to staying on the greener side of the grass. A few other things recovery may teach us that plain sobriety may not can include:

  • Open Mindedness
  • Willingness
  • Selflessness
  • Empathy/Sympathy
  • Inner Happiness

All of these form to create balance. Balance is the key to sobriety.  “Life is like a table of different mugs and glasses. Your job is to keep those glasses full. But in order to keep those full, you have to keep your pitcher full.” We can’t just love ourselves and look out for our own behinds. There must be a healthy equilibrium of helping ourselves while we help others.


A Drunk Without Drink

Any bit of cynicism or negativity that amalgamates can be contributed to alcoholism without the alcohol. Sure in some cases emotion has every right to beat down logic, but far too often that is just a justification for doing something we shouldn’t or for having acted in a regrettable manner. If we constantly remind ourselves the teachings of recovery, we are less prone to impulsive nastiness.The alcoholic thinking feeds itself with more alcoholic thinking if alcohol isn’t around. Remember, negativity begets negativity.  

The idea behind it all is to be proactive, catching ourselves in the act of this stinking thinking. Why wouldn’t you want to put in the additional effort that recovery takes and attempt to create the best version of yourself you can be? That’s just the disease trying to convince you assistance isn’t necessary and to stay in an “ignorance is bliss” type state. It will always try to convince your truths to be untrue. Alcoholism carries a voice with it always whispering sour nothings into your ear, and that’s in recovery. Without recovery, the alcoholism without the alcohol is more likely to be shouting while all sorts of spit flies everywhere. It’s a lifelong disease that can never be cured but only treated. Dealing with your alcoholism without the alcohol is not that treatment center; recovery is. Recovery teaches us how to mute the voice. If you or a loved one are suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction, give one of our addiction specialists a call today to figure out what options could be best for you, 877-978-1208.